Parsons Brewing Co


As everyone in the County knows, if you don't tell your story, we'll make one up for you. So we're taking the time to tell ours. It's the story of an honest day's work, and the pride that comes from starting something from nothing. A tale of barns, families, and glasses raised in a community that truly defines the word. Filled with memorable characters, and reflecting the many quirks of County life, every beer reveals a unique history. Crafted authentically, brewed sustainably and shared passionately. This is our beer, our story.

Our Community

We are proud to call Prince Edward County our home. 

We hope you enjoy discovering The County, Ask for Sam's list of her favourite places, and when to visit them, after all, timing is essential when connecting with a place. Knowing when to stay. When to leave. And when to return. 

We hope you will return!

Check out some of the great restaurants & pubs serving our beer:

Picton, Ontario

The Barley Room at the Waring House

Blumen Garden Bistro

The County Canteen

Portabella Bistro

The Vic Cafe

Bloomfield, Ontario

Agrarian Bistro

The Hubb Eatery Lounge

Kin Cave

Wellington, Ontario

The Courage Cafe and Bar

Waupoos, Ontario

County Cider Company (closed for season)

Waupoos Pub

Milford, Ontario 

Jackson Falls Public School House